Pacheco Koch, a Westwood company (PK), and the entire team at Westwood congratulate PK’s cofounder, Mark Pacheco, PE, RPLS, on his upcoming transition to retirement.

Beginning April 21, 2022, Pacheco will  provide both team and business development on a limited basis.

The Pacheco Koch legacy

Pacheco’s leadership and professional contributions to the PK team, its clients, multiple Texas communities, and the AEC industry will be recognized and experienced for years to come.

In March 1990, Mark Pacheco and Jim Koch founded Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers in Dallas, Texas. With a goal to grow

to 15 people, they achieved 250 strong in 2021, and became a highly preferred consultant serving its clients from five Texas offices. Since 1990, PK has completed more than 13,000 public infrastructure and private development projects across the south-central region of the U.S.

Pacheco says, “We have exceeded my wildest dreams. One of the main reasons we have been successful is the great clients and colleagues we’ve gained. The best part is that most also became good friends.”  He recounts something Koch always said, “People like to do business with people they like.”

Pacheco also credits his success to the unwavering support of both his and Koch’s families who understood the commitment it took to make a venture thrive,“ They al

ways believed in our goals and were always there to take care of everything else so we could focus on Pacheco Koch.”

Pacheco Koch was acquired by Westwood in December of 2021 as a strategic move to diversify to better serve its clients and provide more opportunities for its team. Having planned for nearly ten years to step back in 2022, Pacheco felt the stars were aligned, “With the timing of the acquisition and my retirement plan, PK’s next group of leaders have a great opportunity to move the company to the next level. I look forward to watching the team grow and succeed!”

The Next Chapter 

Though employees may still see Pacheco around for a while, his transition to retirement leaves him grateful for the unending support he has received over the last 32 years. To his clients, he says, “Thank you for your business, and more importantly, your friendships, over the years. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor.”

Pacheco looks forward to the extra time he will have with his wife and family to travel, enjoy great food and wine, and play golf.