Public Projects

Utilities Infrastructure

The Pacheco Koch Utilities Infrastructure Group focuses on water and wastewater projects, and we understand the challenges our clients face, and we possess the know-how to meet those challenges. With a seemingly ever-growing population, unpredictable climate conditions, aging infrastructure and budgetary constraints, it is essential to efficiently plan, produce, transport and preserve our water resources. Our staff’s depth of experience in a wide range of projects, be it small diameter utility rehabilitations, large diameter pipelines, collection and distribution systems, or pumping and treatment facilities, allows us to provide the expertise that our clients need to meet their water demands.

We understand that any project is more than just a utility asset. It is a public need, and the vitality of the public depends on the success of the project. In order to be successful, a water project must meet the current demand, while providing for future expansion. It must be limited in its impacts to natural environment and to the resident and business communities, both in the short and long terms. Further, our commitment to our clients is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions within the established budget and schedule. Our project delivery approach is to form a team with our clients, working closely together to ensure the community goals and needs are being met.

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