Public Projects

Local Highways & Streets

At Pacheco Koch, we have extensive experience in the design and management of municipal transportation projects, from residential streets to rural roadways through complex urban thoroughfares. Our team knows how to plan and deliver a project that meets the transportation needs of your community and understands the impacts on the citizens, business owners and political environments in which the project is constructed.

Our Team understands that any roadway project is more than simply a facility that moves vehicles. A roadway should make locations easier to access and should provide the surrounding area with an aesthetic rejuvenation. Upon completion, any project must blend into the existing environment through both form and function. We have a deep pool of talent and experience from which to draw. Our project delivery approach revolves around a teaming philosophy with our clients. At Pacheco Koch, we view ourselves as an extension of your staff and we will work with you hand-in-hand to complete successful projects.

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