Dallas Floodway Project

Pacheco Koch was responsible for the preparation of the Geodetic control network and Base MicroStation Drawings for this project. Topographic surveying and mapping of critical cross-sections and pressure sewers of the entire levee system were provided through the Downtown Dallas Area, extending 30 miles with a topographic corridor width of 800 feet.

The project consisted of LiDAR and on-the-ground surveying as well as locating and mapping all visible utilities, utilities of record, abrupt variations in topography, buildings, roads, outfall structures and pressure sewers. MicroStation drawings included DTM’s of the levees and all outfall structures and pressure sewers within the levee system, planimetrics, and cross-sections at 100-foot intervals and all utility crossings. Trinity River cross-sections were located and mapped every 2,500 feet, totaling 46 cross-sections. Extensive coordination with the Dallas Flood Control District Office was required.

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