Parks & Recreation

Liberty Ridge Park, Murphy, TX

Liberty Ridge Park is a five-acre parcel within a Murphy single-family subdivision.  An old stone quarry occupied the center of the space, and was utilized for stormwater detention.  The project was managed by a Senior Landscape Architect with Pacheco Koch while at another firm and Pacheco Koch provided hydrologic analysis and stormwater management services.  As it stood, the old stone quarry was fenced off and inaccessible as a neighborhood amenity.  Through a series of public meetings, the design team developed a plan that would allow access to the pond in at least two locations for recreational use.  In addition, a large playground was incorporated with a group gathering structure for outdoor cooking and picnicking.  The team designed a fishing pier that cantilevers over the water, allowing easier fishing for youth and the disabled.  In order to provide the proper access and habitat, the team developed a plan to dredge the pond of accumulated silt and debris, then re-stocked the pond with sport fishing species.

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