Dallas LDS Temple, Dallas, TX

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) Dallas Temple is a regional worship facility for important rites and ordinances apart from Sunday services. After 30 years without a major site remodel, Pacheco Koch was selected as the landscape architect to re-design the entire site from building face to property lines. As a destination for hundreds of weddings a year, the site was designed with multiple camera-friendly courtyards and vistas appropriate for the brides and their wedding parties.

The design includes four courtyards and one major plaza featuring a multi-tiered water feature and extensive ornamental lighting. The landscape is lush by design, with frequently rotated annual flower arrangements to act as backdrops for photography. Extra care was taken to preserve large, mature live oaks throughout the site. Entry points to the site were redesigned to allow more visibility from the street and more open access to maintain needed security. The result is a quiet, pleasant garden setting for the Temple’s patrons.

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